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08:56 AM pfSense Bug #6138: Long hostnames overlap the "time" title in the Monitoring graphs
I've got a reasonably long fqdn hostname (32 characters) and it looks OK now and doesn't overlap.


02:16 PM pfSense Feature #6032: Show PPPoE uptime on the Dashboard - Interfaces Widget
Lovely, showing uptime on my WAN interface on PPPoE!


06:36 AM pfSense Bug #7297: system_certmanager.php: Following a link from a user to add a certificate does not present the "Choose an existing certificate" option
Has the option "Choose an existing Certificate" now (2.4.0.b.20170224.1423)


03:36 AM pfSense Bug #7183: Interface Groups can be entered with the same name
In 2.4.0-BETA (arm) built on Thu Feb 02 12:37:50 CST 2017
Validation seems OK now, following description instructio...
03:20 AM pfSense Bug #7120: Wrong file permissions on /var/tmp and missing sticky bit when using /var as RAM disk
2.4.0-BETA (arm) built on Thu Feb 02 12:37:50 CST 2017
Still not fixed.
Not using RAM disk:
drwxrwxrwt 4 root ...
03:11 AM pfSense Bug #7128: system_advanced_network.php - fugly IPv6 over IPv4 input field alignment
Can't see any change, but it would look less silly if the input field was below the Tick box


02:31 PM pfSense Bug #6630: Set Defaults for Graphs - Traffic/WAN + Packets/WAN doesn't work
Not seeing this issue either, Set as Defaults is working fine for me too.
02:29 PM pfSense Bug #6132: race condition in OpenVPN startup
Fresh install and one OpenVPN server seems to work fine for me with fresh install from Dec and no probs with latest b...
02:25 PM pfSense Bug #7151: Interface Group Name hint is misleading
"Only letters (A-Z), digits (0-9), '-' and '_' are allowed. The group name cannot end with a digit." appears in lates...

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