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11:10 AM pfSense Feature #6626: Support for IPv6 firewall entries with dynamic delegated prefix and static host address
Some form of management for dynamic PD for IPv6 would be nice. It seems there are several, maybe many, ISPs that are ... Netnewb net


06:45 AM pfSense Bug #7958: Upgrade 2.4.0: IP alias with FQDN doesn't work any more
I believe this one's different from #9296 . I've 2 x 2.4.4-p3 in different locations but with similar configs and I'm... Netnewb net


04:41 AM pfSense Bug #7167: Error creating higher VLAN ID on SG-1000
I've tested the new update and it worked as expected. Client connected to Guest Wifi from Airport Extreme worked on V... Netnewb net


07:18 PM pfSense Bug #7167 (Resolved): Error creating higher VLAN ID on SG-1000
SG-1000 connected to an Apple Airport Extreme ac on the LAN interface.
Created a VLAN interface with tag 1003 and as...
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