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04:50 PM pfSense Feature #8309 (New): Include apuled driver to add support for LEDs on PC Engines APU boards
Driver for adding support for LEDs and mode switch on PC engines APU boards.
See here for details:
Darryn Storm


01:53 PM pfSense Feature #7842: New Dynamic DNS Provider: Mythic-Beasts
Jim Thompson wrote:
> Do you have a pull request?
Nope. I can help with the cURL commands that are needed, but I'...
Darryn Storm


08:15 AM pfSense Feature #7843 (Resolved): DynamicDNS Widget - Show Description
Allow the widget to show the DynamicDNS provider configuration description.
If you are using a custom provider, t...
Darryn Storm
08:12 AM pfSense Feature #7842 (Resolved): New Dynamic DNS Provider: Mythic-Beasts
Add DynamicDNS Provider - Mythic-Beasts
API documentation can be found here:
Darryn Storm

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