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10:04 AM pfSense Feature #7705 (Resolved): Support dynamic interface address for 1:1 NAT
Currently, in the 1:1 NAT UI, the "External subnet IP" field cannot be populated with options such as "WAN address" o... Riccardo Paolo Bestetti
09:42 AM pfSense Feature #7704 (Resolved): Destination port range "Any" in Port Forward UI doesn't work
If you set "Any" as the Destination port range for a Port Forward TCP or UDP entry, upon saving the new rule you get ... Riccardo Paolo Bestetti


01:31 PM pfSense Feature #7640: Separate interfaces for different OpenVPN tunnels
Doing that resulted in all OpenVPN packets for the particular tunnel being dropped, so I assumed it was flawed or an ... Riccardo Paolo Bestetti
01:18 PM pfSense Feature #7640 (Rejected): Separate interfaces for different OpenVPN tunnels
I think you should consider separating different OpenVPN tunnels as different interfaces in firewall_rules.php.
Riccardo Paolo Bestetti
01:01 PM pfSense Bug #7639 (Not a Bug): NAT does not work between OpenVPN and IPsec tunnels
NAT rules don't get correctly triggered with packets being routed from OpenVPN remote clients to IPsec tunnel...
Riccardo Paolo Bestetti

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