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10:23 AM pfSense Bug #9208: The wrong session timeout value can be used for some captive portal users
10:22 AM pfSense Bug #9208 (New): The wrong session timeout value can be used for some captive portal users
When "Use RADIUS Session-Timeout attributes" is enabled the wrong session timeout value is used for users without a R...


08:36 AM pfSense Revision 066335a3: Captive portal: Add custom RADIUS dictionary with the new pfSense vendor-specific attributes
08:35 AM pfSense Revision f87ddb3b: Captive portal: add option to choose whether to use the bandwidth limits retrieved from RADIUS or not
Automatically upgrade config to preserve old RADIUS bandwidth limits behaviour on existing installations.
08:19 AM pfSense Revision e4c34f17: Captive portal: add the explicit reason why a user was disconnected to the log
08:19 AM pfSense Revision f3e403d5: Captive portal: add option to retrieve the traffic quota value from RADIUS
Add an option to enable retrieving a user's traffic quota from RADIUS. The code uses a new vendor-specific attribute ...
08:19 AM pfSense Revision acbd943d: Captive portal: add a traffic quota option
Add a new option to disconnect users after they exceed a traffic quota (sum of downloaded data and uploaded data).
08:19 AM pfSense Revision 643315be: Captive portal: always use the RADIUS-provided session timeout value if the option is enabled


03:09 AM pfSense Feature #8202 (Resolved): Captive portal: add support for setting traffic quotas
Pull request #3453 on github
Add support for traffic quotas to captiv...


07:31 AM pfSense Bug #7813 (Resolved): Missing download statistics on captive portal with MAC filtering enabled
I'm testing the captive portal on 2.4 RC (updated to today) and I noticed that when MAC filtering is enabled the byte...

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