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07:24 AM pfSense Packages Bug #12475 (Pull Request Review): OpenVPN Client Export does not show certificate without private key
When using the page https://<server>/vpn_openvpn_export.php to export an openvpn client config package only certifica... Denis Grilli


03:20 AM pfSense Regression #12382: Certificate Depth checking creates OpenVPN micro-outages every time a user authenticates after 2.5.2 upgrade
Just want to thank you Brett for the debug of the problem that unfortunately affects us as well.
Doesn't change an...
Denis Grilli


07:29 AM pfSense Bug #11934: IPSEC stops working on 2.5.1 running on Watchguard XTM 5
I cannot tell if the same issue but with 2.5.1 I am experiencing a similar problem with VPN and not with the watchgua... Denis Grilli


10:22 AM pfSense Bug #11427: IPSEC Status page shows Connections twice (connected and disconnected)
We are having the same exact issue and despite I cannot provide any configuration at the moment I can provide some in... Denis Grilli


02:35 AM pfSense Bug #8294: Icmp redirect doesn't use CARP IP
Not sure it is the same thing.
I am not talking about some devices that check the src mac address, I am talking abou...
Denis Grilli


08:55 AM pfSense Bug #8294: Icmp redirect doesn't use CARP IP
Bug still present in 2.4.4 Denis Grilli


09:13 AM pfSense Bug #8294 (Not a Bug): Icmp redirect doesn't use CARP IP
When you configure two pfsense servers in high availability using CARP, every icmps redirect generated use the physic... Denis Grilli


02:58 AM pfSense Bug #7928: LAGG interfaces lose MAC address
You can also have the problem if you have vlans attached to the lagg interface:
1) create a new vlan
2) assign th...
Denis Grilli


08:54 AM pfSense Bug #7928: LAGG interfaces lose MAC address
Have the same issue in my configuration. Denis Grilli

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