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01:08 PM pfSense Bug #11852 (New): States will not sort diag_dump_states.php
Not sure if bug or regression. But Columns in the diag_dump_states.php will not sort
You can click on the column ...


03:54 AM pfSense Packages Bug #11766: Certificate no more pointed "in use" by haproxy
Also seeing this - see my comments in linked thread


12:49 PM pfSense Bug #11483: Installer does not add required module to loader.conf when using ZFS
I ran into this.. Trying to switch sg-4860 8GB/32GB eMMC model from UFS to ZFS doing clean install from USB boot..


07:22 AM pfSense Feature #11004 (New): DHCP reservations with no IP address show entries in DHCP leases
So if create a dhcp reservation, allowing IP to be pulled from pool vs specific IP not in pool.
You get 2 entries ...


12:45 PM pfSense Bug #9072: RRD graph mouseover information shows up as Mb when unit size is set to MB
Discussion about it here and validation


04:33 AM pfSense Bug #9189: Broken host overrides in DNS resolver (sometimes)
Sorry but you have not shown this to be happening... As I brought up over 2 years ago you sure your client is not poi...


04:17 AM pfSense Bug #8750: DNS Rebinding check fails to block IPv6 representation of IPv4 addresses in Unbound
Forget link to thread discussing it


09:46 AM pfSense Feature #7495: Ability to set TTL for local for Unbound host overrides and dhcp leases
Nothing? This came up in a thread again someone asking how to modify this.


07:35 AM pfSense Todo #6647: Enable Additional Security Headers
While I am by no means an expert on what specific headers are appropriate... And the webgui really should be limited ...


03:17 AM pfSense Feature #8028: Unbound: Add advanced option for qname-minimization
Well if going to add options for the -strict in the gui... Needs to have BIG note on it that it WILL BREAK stuff... N...

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