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06:30 AM pfSense Feature #2226 (Resolved): Unmonitored gateways should be listed as "unmonitored" instead of "online" in dashboard
In order to abvoid confusion and to make troubleshooting easier the status of unmonitored gateways should be "Unmonit...


04:26 AM pfSense Feature #2025 (New): Captive Portal: Easy accessible Logout page instead of Logout pop-up window
I suggest a functionality that allows using a logout page instead of a pop-up. The reason why I am suggesting this is...


04:30 AM pfSense Bug #1517 (Closed): Captive Portal sends RADIUS output accounting packets with zero value
There seem to be no proper accounting for the downstream data - only upstream traffic is counted. A check with Wiresh...


05:02 AM pfSense Bug #1501 (Closed): Captive Portal Logout popup does not work
The logout popup for the captive portal does not work. People can still use the network and RADIUS is getting its acc...


05:43 AM pfSense Bug #836: Captive portal logout popup windows doesn't disconnect the user
I am still having this issue with 2.0RC1 snapshots (latest update 23.03.2011).


06:30 AM pfSense Feature #1286 (Closed): Captive Portal sends WAN IP instead of Mac or custom string in "called-station-id" RADIUS attribute
The Captive Portal is sending the WAN IP in the RADIUS "called-station-id" attribute.
It has been mentioned before i...

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