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12:03 PM pfSense Bug #5413: Incorrect Handling of Unbound Resolver [service restarts, cache loss, DNS service interruption]
Thanks for all the work on this. It seems like there is progress made on that git page, but the status of this bug is... Raffi T


08:51 AM pfSense Todo #10464: Disallow package updates when a system update is available
I would like to request this feature change as well. Prevent package updates when pfSense itself has an update availa... Raffi T


08:38 AM pfSense Feature #855: More flexible options for state killing based on WAN status
+1 I haven't really been hurt by this until recently while performing a big backup job to the cloud. Failover occurre... Raffi T


12:58 PM pfSense Packages Bug #8440: Suricata 4.0.4_1 disablesid.conf does not disable rule?
This is not a bug. The rule being triggered was a flowbit rule. Therefore, the disablesid.conf could not disable the ... Raffi T


10:16 AM pfSense Packages Bug #8440 (Not a Bug): Suricata 4.0.4_1 disablesid.conf does not disable rule?
I'm not sure if this started in Suricata 4.0.4_1, but I recently found a rule in my disablesid.conf which was still t... Raffi T

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