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02:47 AM pfSense Bug #7020: <Hostname> is omitted when sending logs on syslog
Jim Pingle wrote:
> If it's a bug, it's a bug in FreeBSD -- we use their syslogd and that's how it behaves. The defa...
Darren Spruell


03:04 PM pfSense Bug #7020: <Hostname> is omitted when sending logs on syslog
Idar Lund wrote:
> If this is considered as "not a bug", the web page
Darren Spruell
02:25 PM pfSense Todo #8350: Remove clog in favor of standard syslogd or syslogd alternative with rotation via newsyslog or logrotate
+1 on this - clog is kind of neat for the use case it addresses, but is fairly inconvenient in terms of modern log an... Darren Spruell
02:11 PM pfSense Todo #1940: Integrate rSyslogd
Another vote! Darren Spruell


11:37 AM pfSense Bug #8492 (Duplicate): Enable setting PKCS#12 export password in Certificate Manager
Several use cases exist for using an exported keypair as a .p12 archive, but are complicated by pfSense not setting a... Darren Spruell

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