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LCD package - not starting at boot - stop and start in Status Window not possible

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Hi all,
I'm using pfSense 2.5 on a WatchGuard XTM 510 on which I started using the built in LCD display. Got it working perfectly, except one minor bug...
When i reboot my device, the LCDproc LCD Driver in the "Services Status" widget is never started automatically…
The workaround is to go to the serial console > 8. Command Prompt and type in the commands:
LCDd (to start the deamon and then LCDproc LCD Driver turns green in the "Service Status" overview!)
Lcdproc (for the LCD display)
Lcdexec (for executing the LCDmenu commands)
And i might have found the reason for this.
When pfSense boots, it gives the message: Starting package LCDproc...done.
But this should the deamon LCDd in stead. No?
And when the deamon is started well, i suppose that lcdproc and lcdexec can be started automatically as well.
Also the starting and stopping of LCDproc in the "Services Status" in the Status /Dashboard does not work. Normal, because it's not stopping and starting the deamon LCDd but lcdproc in stead…
You may contact me for more info or extra testing.
Thanks for looking into this. Looking forward to any response.

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This report is quite old and the package has had significant work done to it since then. Please try it again on pfSense Plus 23.05.1 or pfSense CE 2.7.0 -- both have LCDProc package version 0.11.2 or later which works well here and for others. The service starts/stops as expected using the service controls as well.

If you still have issues, please start a thread on the forum in the Packages category and include any error messages and log messages from LCDProc/LCDd and so on.


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