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Applying IPsec settings for more than ~30 tunnels times out PHP

Added by Jim Pingle 7 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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When attempting to apply IPsec changes on a system with more than around 30 tunnels, the apply process causes a timeout in PHP.

When creating a new Phase 1 entry and then attempting to apply changes, the GUI page loads for 2-3 minutes and then finally ends with a 504 gateway timeout error. In the past, similar actions have taken around 20 seconds.

The change does appear to have taken when going back into the GUI after a while.

See also and internal issue NG #6011


image (1).png (31.7 KB) image (1).png Core Team, 04/21/2021 01:39 PM
ipsec-config-40-tunnels.xml (67.3 KB) ipsec-config-40-tunnels.xml Jim Pingle, 04/23/2021 01:31 PM
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Updated by Core Team 6 months ago

Currently running on 21.02.2-RC code on zColo vpn concentrators, along with a patch to fix VTI creation issues after already having 33 ipsec tunnels in place.

Issue is that if I create a new p1 tunnel, and save, and then click 'apply changes', it times out after 2-3 minutes of appearing to load. Attached is screenshot.

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Updated by Jim Pingle 6 months ago

There must be more to it than just the number of tunnels. I generated a config with 40 dummy tunnels and it applies the configuration in ~35 seconds without errors several times in a row on 21.05 on new hardware.

I tried on 21.02.2 in a smaller VM (less RAM, lower performance) and it still applied in about 45 seconds.

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Updated by Core Team 6 months ago

I would add that it also takes a LONG time to pull ipsec status.

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Updated by Jim Pingle 6 months ago

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Updated by Jim Pingle 6 months ago

  • Plus Target Version set to 21.05
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Updated by Jim Pingle 6 months ago

Already in 21.05 branch.

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Updated by Jim Pingle 5 months ago

  • Target version changed from 2.6.0 to 2.5.2
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Updated by Marcos Mendoza 5 months ago

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Tested 51 entries and working on 21.05/2.5.2 - marking as resolved.


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