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Feedback on pfSense Configuration Recipes

Added by Jerry Lumpkins about 2 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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Your ebook won't open with either Google's e-reader or Kindle.

The pdf file will open in the Kindle reader, but the text size isn't adjustable, rendering it unreadably small on a tablet.

Your online website doesn't lend itself to reading the documentation like a book.

My initial impression is that the documentation is so bad that your intent was to discourage anyone from actually reading it, or no one even bothered to try and look at it before deploying it.

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Updated by Jim Pingle about 1 month ago

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The ePub opens and reads fine in Calibre (Multiple operating systems), FBReader, and others I tried which support ePub. Kindle needs MOBI format and Calibre can convert from ePub to MOBI. Once you have the MOBI file it opens fine in the Kindle app to read with the file is in the proper location (Varies by device). We cannot directly publish MOBI files as the converters have a proprietary license which prohibits us from automating the process as we can with ePub and PDF.

The web-based version of the docs has a TOC and each page has next/previous links and works exactly like the ePub version, which is basically the HTML version bundled in a way that e-readers are happy with.

I do see that Google Play Books will not process the ePub but they offer zero information about why, only that it "failed" but since there are multiple other compatible apps on Android, such as FBReader, there isn't much we can do there. Searching around shows many others hitting the same error with ePub files from many sources, so it's more likely an issue with Google Play Books. You might be able to run it through a conversion process locally (e.g. ePub -> MOBI -> ePub) and try it again.

There is nothing actionable here I can see. It's all working properly when the correct files are loaded in the correct way into compatible readers.


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