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DDNS set to a gateway group does not update on WAN failover

Added by Max Leighton about 1 month ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

Dynamic DNS
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For my test, I observed this in 21.01, and it has been observed in 21.05.1 as well.

It's been reported that DDNS is failing to update to the secondary WAN when a gateway group selected as the interface for a Dynamic DNS Client.

I was able to recreate it with Cloudflare DNS by configuring pfSense to use a failover gateway group as the interface and then killing the WAN1 connection. The result is that the DDNS client turns red in the pfSense GUI, but the IP address never updates. I see the following in the logs:

Oct 22 15:34:41 rc.gateway_alarm 55026 >>> Gateway alarm: WANGW (Addr: Alarm:1 RTT:24.546ms RTTsd:4.730ms Loss:21%)
Oct 22 15:34:41 check_reload_status 383 updating dyndns WANGW

But the cache file in /conf still only shows the WAN1 IP address.

There are also accounts of this affecting Google Domains.

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Updated by Max Leighton about 1 month ago

I should add that WAN failover happens without issue. The default gateway becomes WAN2 as expected. It's just DDNS that doesn't update.

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Updated by Jim Pingle about 1 month ago

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I can't replicate this. I use multi-WAN with DDNS on my edge and it updates properly, I had several failures last week and it worked both ways.

Given the logs indicate that system has CloudFlare DDNS maybe they have a static route that is forcing the update out the dead WAN unintentionally.

But at the system level it works fine here (Namecheap and RFC2136 DDNS)


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