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10:57 AM pfSense Packages Feature #13560 (New): Update FreeRADIUS to version 3.0.26
3.0.26 has been released with support for TLS 1.3 in EAP-TLS, PEAP, and TTLS. Some users have asked about updating th... Max Leighton


11:01 AM pfSense Docs Correction #12978 (Resolved): Correction to iftop section of Monitoring Bandwidth Usage
The instructions on this p...
Max Leighton


02:12 PM pfSense Bug #12900 (Duplicate): Clicking Save & Force Update on a Dynamic DNS entry results in a GUI timeout
When creating a new Cloudflare Dynamic DNS entry or saving and forcing an update nginx will timeout with 504. The upd... Max Leighton


04:19 PM pfSense Packages Feature #11130: FRR RIP support
After performing the workaround in, I am able to successfully exchange route... Max Leighton
03:42 PM pfSense Packages Bug #11391 (Resolved): Zeek crashes on 2.5.0
Tested with Zeek 3.0.6_3
The service starts successfully without any crashes. Marking the ticket resolved.
Max Leighton


09:23 AM pfSense Packages Bug #12420 (Resolved): rc file is not deleted
Tested with PIMD 0.0.3_5
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/ is removed when the service is disabled. Marking the ticket r...
Max Leighton


04:57 PM pfSense Feature #12184 (Resolved): GUI options to configure IKE retransmission behavior
Tested with
2.6.0-BETA (amd64)
built on Thu Dec 23 06:20:23 UTC 2021
The retransmit setti...
Max Leighton


02:58 PM pfSense Feature #12316 (Resolved): Include firewall rules generated from OpenVPN RADIUS ACL entries in status output
Tested on
2.6.0-BETA (amd64)
built on Fri Dec 17 17:03:58 UTC 2021
I see the OpenVPN-Gene...
Max Leighton
02:56 PM pfSense Feature #12321 (Resolved): Pop-up window to view firewall rules generated from RADIUS ACL entries on the OpenVPN status page
Tested on
2.6.0-BETA (amd64)
built on Fri Dec 17 17:03:58 UTC 2021
I can see the RADIUS A...
Max Leighton


05:08 PM pfSense Packages Bug #8258 (Resolved): BIND responds with SERVFAIL when adding/changing records if 'allow-update' is configured for a zone
I tested this with BIND 9.16_11. I can add or change records without issues while allow-updates is set to localnets. ... Max Leighton

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