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FRR BFD peer configuration is handled incorrectly in some cases

Added by Marcos M about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Saving the following BFD peer configuration results in no configuration change (checked by looking at FRR / Status / All):
  • Interface: Default; Local Address: <non-default selection>
  • Interface: <non-default selection>; Local Address: Default

Additionally, the BFD peer configuration page does not allow the selection of Virtual IPs. This can be problematic in cases where a BGP Neighbor uses BFD and is set to use a localhost VIP as the Update Source - in which case the BFD session can only be established when no BFD peer entry exists. This also forces the session to use default settings. For example:

When no BFD peer configuration exists and a BGP Neighbor is set to use BFD, the BFD Peer drop-down list within the neighbor configuration is empty, and saving the configuration results in a peer session being established correctly:

BFD Peers:
    peer multihop local-address vrf default
        ID: 1961905122
        Remote ID: 2893233196
        Active mode
        Minimum TTL: 254
        Status: up
        Uptime: 31 minute(s), 12 second(s)
        Diagnostics: ok
        Remote diagnostics: ok
        Peer Type: dynamic
        Local timers:
            Detect-multiplier: 3
            Receive interval: 300ms
            Transmission interval: 300ms
            Echo transmission interval: 50ms
        Remote timers:
            Detect-multiplier: 3
            Receive interval: 300ms
            Transmission interval: 300ms
            Echo transmission interval: 50ms

Presumably this is the "default" behavior referenced in the drop-down list's field description.

If a BFD peer configuration entry does exist, this "default" behavior is lost and the drop-down list forces a selection. This can potentially lead to a BGP Neighbor configuration with an incorrect BFD peer, and it no longer allows for a BFD session to be established with a VIP Local Source Address.

Lastly, editing a BFD peer entry always defaults the Profile option to None. Selecting a profile and clicking Save correctly writes the configuration, but the option must be re-selected on every edit.

Actions #1

Updated by Marcos M about 2 years ago

To summarize:
  • load the saved Profile value on BFD peer edit
  • allow the selection of VIPs for Local Source Address
  • allow the configuration of a "Default" Interface with a non-default selection for Local Source Address
  • allow the selection of "Default" for BFD Peer within the BGP Neighbor configuration page
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