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Restore fails when username in backup is not matching

Added by Louis-David Perron almost 13 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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It's not likely that it will happen to anyone, but the consequences are quite time consuming.

When on the default configuration of today's snapshot, if I import a backup that is using something else as "admin" for web user, then it's almost impossible to properly restore the backup.

After the config upload, my browser gets redirected to interfaces_assign.php, but it mentions:
No page assigned to this user! Click here to logout.

If I click logout and then I login into the new user, I get to the install package screen, even if the interfaces are still in the same state as before the restore.

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Updated by saye saye about 12 years ago

I do not know why this big issue has such a low priority?
Some bugs prevent us from reliably doing things and trust the device.

So I suggest to increase the priority and fix it in the next release. It probably will get resolves very easily.

Thank you.

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Updated by saye saye about 12 years ago

Besides It affects to version 2.0.1 also.

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Updated by Louis-David Perron over 10 years ago

This exact bug is still present in 2.1.

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Updated by Kris Phillips over 2 years ago

In what situation would this issue present itself? If you're restoring a config file from a previous install to a fresh install of pfSense, you'll be using the admin account since it's the only one that initially exists. Then the firewall is going to reboot to restore. Is this bug report stating that you run into the issue if you restore a config file that doesn't contain the user account you're currently signed in with or that it simply has a different password? If it's the latter you should only have to sign back in again with the old password.

Please provide steps to reproduce this step by step to clarify the issue.


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