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07:36 PM pfSense Packages Feature #10859 (Resolved): Add avahi filtering feature to pfSense
Can confirm this is now in Avahi in the 2.5.2 repo. Closing as resolved. Kris Phillips
06:13 PM pfSense Feature #12564: add column to show that an Alias is in use by or not
Can you clarify this please? Are you referring to an alias under Firewall --> Aliases? If so, these are just lists ... Kris Phillips
06:07 PM pfSense Packages Bug #11530 (Feedback): ntopng 4.2 needs to be updated to 4.3, Bug when accessing a host for details
Tested on pfSense CE 2.5.2. Unable to reproduce. I installed, enabled, and went to the ntopng web interface. After... Kris Phillips
04:50 PM pfSense Packages Bug #11530: ntopng 4.2 needs to be updated to 4.3, Bug when accessing a host for details
I'll have to spin up a 2.5.2 install of CE to test this, but pfSense CE 2.6.0 includes ntopng-5.0.d20210923,1, so sho... Kris Phillips
04:36 PM pfSense Bug #12544: OpenSSH vulnerabilities
Jim Pingle wrote in #note-2:
> You cannot go by version number alone. FreeBSD typically carries patches for known vu...
Kris Phillips


05:36 PM pfSense Plus Feature #12546 (New): Add 2FA Support to pfSense Plus Local Database Authentication
To eliminate the reliance on unsupported packages like freeRADIUS for making this work, we should add the capability ... Kris Phillips
05:31 PM pfSense Regression #12382: Certificate Depth checking creates OpenVPN micro-outages every time a user authenticates after 2.5.2 upgrade
Joao Assad wrote in #note-7:
> So this bug is affecting us too. We need to route all our VPN clients traffic through...
Kris Phillips
05:28 PM pfSense Feature #12466: Option to Disable Renegotiation timer in OpenVPN Server
Viktor Gurov wrote in #note-2:
> openvpn(8):
> [...]
Since the option needs to be on both client and server, we ...
Kris Phillips
05:23 PM pfSense Bug #12544: OpenSSH vulnerabilities
pfSense CE 2.6.0 and pfSense Plus 22.01 have OpenSSH-7.9p1 so they are also affected by this. Kris Phillips


04:41 PM pfSense Bug #4637: system unreachable after deleting VLAN
This bug should be marked as Incomplete as it's no longer relevant and very old. Kris Phillips

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