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02:28 AM pfSense Packages Regression #15064: Statis menu entry for APCUPSD leads to settings page, not status
Tested on 24.08 snapshots and this issue is still present. Kris Phillips
02:27 AM pfSense Regression #15439: Incorrect icon on collapsed dashboard widgets
Tested on
24.08-DEVELOPMENT (amd64)
built on Thu Jul 18 6:00:00 UTC 2024
Still present o...
Kris Phillips


10:03 PM pfSense Plus Bug #15634 (Closed): SSH Fails to Start on 24.08 DEVELOPMENT Snapshots
Navigating to System --> Advanced --> Admin Access and attempting to enable the SSH Daemon results in a page refresh ... Kris Phillips


06:16 PM pfSense Plus Bug #15262: Captive Portal Has High CPU Interrupts With Large Number of Users
Customer in ticket 2947838007 is reportedly running into this issue as well. Kris Phillips
03:23 PM pfSense Bug #15601: Routes with IPv6 Address as Next Hop for IPv4 Destination Causes Kernel Panic
Jim Pingle wrote in #note-2:
> How exactly is someone making that sort of entry? It can't be made in the GUI via sta...
Kris Phillips


11:24 PM pfSense Bug #15602: Dashboard interface widget does not use consistent capitalization or formatting for BASE-T designations
I can confirm this behavior. To add to it, 10 Gigabit links show "10Gbase" with a lower case b and upper case G, so ... Kris Phillips
10:40 PM pfSense Docs Todo #15603 (Rejected): Update "Download Installation Media" for Netgate Installer
This section states "Customers who have purchased firewalls pre-loaded with pfSenseĀ® Plus software from the Netgate S... Kris Phillips
03:11 PM pfSense Bug #15601 (In Progress): Routes with IPv6 Address as Next Hop for IPv4 Destination Causes Kernel Panic
If an entry is able to be made that adds a route for IPv4 traffic to be sent to an IPv6 destination, this can cause a... Kris Phillips


11:45 PM pfSense Bug #12905: Add VLAN Re-assignment to Import Interface Mismatch Wizard
Customer in ticket 2923731480 is inquiring about this improvement due to complications with config portability amongs... Kris Phillips
03:58 PM pfSense Bug #15287: hw.ix.unsupported_sfp=1 parameter for ix driver not working
Customer in ticket 2922636846 is running into this. Kris Phillips

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