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10:22 PM pfSense Regression #12821: Intel e1000 driver (em & igb) cannot pass VLAN0 tagged packets
FYI it appears this issue has spread in 23.01 to the igc driver as well. After upgrading to 23.01 on a Netgate 4100,... Kris Phillips
09:36 PM pfSense Packages Bug #13985: Telegraf error After Update PFSense to 23.01
Unable to replicate in pfSense CE 2.7. Possible it's just an issue on Plus for some reason. Kris Phillips
09:30 PM pfSense Packages Bug #14116: Squid Error went I press SAVE button.
What settings do you have enabled and what page were you on that you clicked save to cause this issue? I'v...
Kris Phillips
09:12 PM pfSense Bug #14124: Unable to add IP address to SAN on new certificate
This doesn't appear to be a bug. You have a FQDN or Hostname entry added as an Alternative Name, but nothing defined... Kris Phillips


09:37 PM pfSense Plus Feature #13786: ldap intergration for firewall rules
Mike Moore wrote in #note-4:
> So there is no way in the future to create a LAN rule stating
> Src: AD/mmoore
> Ds...
Kris Phillips
09:29 PM pfSense Plus Feature #14017: Ability to remove all packages before upgardes with saved configuration
There is already an option to reinstall packages from Diagnostics --> Backup and Restore. It would be beneficial for... Kris Phillips
09:25 PM pfSense Plus Regression #14080: Installer fails to install to a geom mirror
Typically right now we also have issues with the installer converting from gmirror to ZFS. Haven't tested since 22.0... Kris Phillips


10:16 AM pfSense Plus Bug #14068: Importing Chained Cert Data into the System --> Cert Manager --> Certificates Breaks Authentication
Jim Pingle wrote in #note-1:
> Allowing multiple CAs in a single entry was always a hackish workaround for things th...
Kris Phillips


02:45 PM pfSense Plus Bug #14090 (New): Significant State Creation Causes LACP, BGP, and Possibly Other Components to Temporarily Fail
When testing with a customer, when a remote host has a large number of new states being created, then transitioning t... Kris Phillips


04:35 PM pfSense Packages Bug #14019 (Resolved): PHP Error: /usr/local/pkg/avahi/
Tested on 2.2_4. I don't see reproduction steps, so I'm assuming this was triggered on install or when navigating to... Kris Phillips

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