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Can not log out of console menu

Added by Seth Mos about 12 years ago. Updated almost 12 years ago.

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When the console lockout is enabled on 2.0 you can not log out after logging in. Thus leaving the terminal open.

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Updated by Scott Ullrich about 12 years ago

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Strange, I just tested this on a 2.0 / 8.0 box and it works?

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Updated by Chris Buechler about 12 years ago

Doesn't work at the console for me either. Via SSH it does.

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Updated by Seth Mos almost 12 years ago

When I click the enable password protect the console menu checkbox it does not immediately take effect.

After a reboot it indeed does.
Logged in, logged out. That worked. Strange.

Aha, after using the playback gitsync it fails to log out. This might somehow be related to the reloading of rc.initial after gitsync kills the old one.

I just killed of pretty much everything that looked a shell but it seems to automatically log in again. When I kill the pam session you immediately see the login banner followed by the menu. Perhaps it is ignoring the pam configuration or it might be generated incorrectly.

AHA!, after a reboot it still logs in immediately. Pressed save on the advanced page, reboot, password protected menu is there again.

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Updated by Seth Mos almost 12 years ago

Just ran a diff between /etc/gettytab before and after a gitsync.

It indeed removes the :ht:np:sp#115200: with :ht:np:sp#115200:al=root:

So somehow that is not picked up right.

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Updated by Scott Ullrich almost 12 years ago

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