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Reset webconfigurator password does not unlock admin account

Added by B Smith over 11 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

User Manager / Privileges
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When the Reset webconfigurator password option is used it states that all permissions have been reset. How ever if the administration account has been disabled the </disabled> tag is not removed from config.xml for the admin user.

Steps to reproduce the issue.
Create a new user account, any name /password combo will do. Give this account admin privs. Log out of the admin user and log in as your new admin user. Go to user accounts click on the admin account and mark it as disabled. Log out and log into a console session, as root.
Attempt to reset the webconfigurator password. This will change the password for the admin user account however it does not reenable the account.

To fix this the </disabled> tag needs to be removed from /conf/config.xml
Once this tag has been removed you can once again relogin as the admin user.

This is the current behavior in the 2.0.2 Release and has existed in previous releases. This bug as been tested on the amd64 build but i suspect it exists on others.

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Updated by Josh Stompro about 11 years ago

Running May 2nd 2.1 snapshot I can confirm that this is fixed.

  1. System -> User Manager
  2. Edit admin user.
  3. Check the disable checkbox and save.
  4. Log out - then try to log back in to make sure admin is disabled.
  5. From console, choose option 3 - Reset webConfigurator password. Confirm choice.
  6. Try to log in to the web interface with defaults, and it works.


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