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Add Multi-WAN awareness to UPnP

Added by Jim Pingle about 13 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Eventually it would be nice to allow selection of the WAN-type interface used by miniupnpd. Right now it's hardcoded as WAN.

If it can be made to operate on two WAN-type interfaces, that would be ideal, but failing that it would be good to have a selector to choose which WAN is used when more than one is available.

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Updated by Seth Mos about 13 years ago

upnp is already multi interface aware afaik. I know it can atleast use multiple LAN connections. Might need to check if it support binding to multiple outside addresses as well.

Just making upnp add rules for both WAN interfaces is doing the simplest thing here, considering you are opening up a port on your router anyhow, it might as well be both.

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Updated by Simon Fong over 11 years ago

I just tested pfSense 2.0-RELEASE and with multiple WAN w/ multiple public IP addresses, selecting the LAN interface did not work properly. uPnP only binded to one of my WAN. uPnP does not add proper rules or open ports for multiple WAN interfaces.

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Updated by Jim Pingle about 10 years ago

There is a MULTIPLE_EXTERNAL_IP option in miniupnpd that allows you to specify multiple external IP addresses, and then map them based on the local client like so:

listening_ip= x.x.x.100

That maps traffic from to the external IP of x.x.x.100.

The dist config seems to suggest that using multiple ext_iface lines will work, and a quick experiment suggests that does work as well, but it doesn't add the mappings to all interfaces, only the last one listed, so it may not be quite that easy.

See also #2743

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Updated by Michael Kellogg about 7 years ago

any odd of this making 2.3 seems other users of miniupnpd claim it works haven't studied the config differences


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