Bug #3128

Active voucher status not restored from backup

Added by Klaus F over 7 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

Backup / Restore
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I want to restore a 2.0.2 backup config.xml where also the status of the active vouchers ist stored.

After a fresh installation of the pfSense-2.0.3-RELEASE-2g-i386-nanobsd_vga-20130412-1022.img.gz and a restore of the 2.0.2 backup all is restored fine but not the active vouchers.
This is very bad because a few 1000 vouchers are unused again.

Please give a fix how to restore the active vouchers.


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Revision f21d4f79 (diff)
Added by Viktor Gurov 9 months ago

Active voucher restore from backup. Implements #3128


#1 Updated by Ermal Lu├ži over 7 years ago

Vouchers status are not backed up with the configuration as is not the user login status.

#2 Updated by Klaus F over 7 years ago

This is not true.
The voucher status is backed up with the configuration. At least in Version 2.0.2.
But the status is not restored from the backup.

I think this is a bug.

#3 Updated by Doktor Notor about 7 years ago

To sum this up, I posted about the mess at the forum:,72418.0.html

Additionally, this causes an "invalid payload" error every time you reboot a box in a setup when you have slaves syncing vouchers from the master.

#4 Updated by Viktor Gurov 11 months ago

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no such issue on 2.4.5 and 2.5

active vouchers status successfully restored

#5 Updated by Viktor Gurov 9 months ago

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still an issue,
as a workaround '/var/db/voucher_*.db' files can be backed up,

#7 Updated by Jim Pingle 9 months ago

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  • Target version set to 2.5.0

#8 Updated by Renato Botelho 9 months ago

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PR has been merged. Thanks!

#9 Updated by Steve Beaver 6 months ago

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