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G'day :D

My aliases are a mess; I have many of them, and I need to reorganize this. Now, one thing that is making it difficult to keep the overview is: the alias list (Firewall/Aliasses/All) can't be sorted alphabetically. It would be a dream if that were to be made possible :-)

The second improvement in this GUI would be to have some sort of section groups in this part of the Alias-GUI.

I've created an example in Excel and attached a screenshot, as a pic often says much more than 1000 words :-)

These two would help keep the overview and make it much more pleasant to work in this part of the GUI :-)

It means some fields need to be added to the alias records (and a check on duplicates + eventually drop down lists), and then the GUI needs to get these fields and that needs to be sortable.

(Yes, this too comes from my SAP experience :D).



pfsense_suggestion.jpg (160 KB) pfsense_suggestion.jpg Hollander Hollander, 01/09/2015 08:15 AM
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Sorry, pushed 'send' before filling the classification fields :-(

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Sorting is already a feature request: #3506

The sections part may be something to consider though.

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Alias tables may now be sorted by clicking the column header.

You cannot save the revised order yet, but it is a step in the right direction. It should be possible to add separator bars in the same way that they are used on firewall_rules and firewall_nat

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