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Using HSPA/GSM modems with pfSense 2.x

Added by Deon George over 11 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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Hi, I've noticed two problems with using a HSPA modem - having done some digging around I think my be problems.

1) When the GSM SIM has a PIN, I put AT+CPIN=xxxx in the "modem init" string field, so that it could be unlocked. The modem never seemed to get unlocked at all - and having a dig around the logs and the config, I cant see where the init field data is being used.

(I did have the AT+CPIN=xxx in the dial string, however, it is problematic in that the first time the modem is dialed, the SIM is successfully unlocked, but the modem hasnt found the GSM provider when when the ATDT instruction is issued. When PPP retries a few minutes later (or manually pressing connect), the 2nd run of AT+CPIN=xxx returns an ERROR, so the dial string fails...)

So, is the modem init field being used? If not it needs to be for modems with a SIM lock.

2) (once I removed the SIM PIN) - I was able to connect, however, the dashboard, console and /status_interfaces.php all didnt show a connection, nor the IP address obtained for the connection (but there was Internet connectivity)...

Actions #1

Updated by Marcus Brown over 11 years ago

I just submitted patches to convert PPP links from using the FreeBSD userland ppp program to now use mpd5. I did also include making the init string actually get propagated to the modem when the connection is started. I can also add in a field for the SIM PIN, but my sims don't require a PIN so I'll need you to test it out and let me know if it's working or not. You can try the init string field too, once the patches submitted today make it into a snapshot.

Actions #2

Updated by Ermal Luçi over 11 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Feedback

Changes has gone in the latest snapshots try with that.

Actions #3

Updated by Chris Buechler over 11 years ago

  • Status changed from Feedback to Resolved

appears to be working fine now

Actions #4

Updated by Deon George over 11 years ago

Actually, its not working for me.

I had 2 problems:
  • When I first configured the HSPA modem, I selected cuaU0.0. (Interface->assign->ppp), then configured OPT2 as the PPP cua0.0 device. The logs reported failure (or timeout cant remember now), on that device, which I released was the wrong device.

I went back to Interface->assign->ppp and changed it to cuaU0.1, and it was still trying to connect on cuaU0.0 (the logs reported this device).

So re-saved OPT2 as vr2, and then saved again as PPP cuaU0.1, but still the logs continued to report trying to use cuaU0.0

Finally I rebooted.

  • Now it looks to be using cuaU0.1, however, it is not getting past the CPIN
Apr 4 08:25:01     opt2: [lnkopt2] Link: OPEN event
Apr 4 08:25:01     opt2: [lnkopt2] LCP: Open event
Apr 4 08:25:01     opt2: [lnkopt2] LCP: state change Initial --> Starting
Apr 4 08:25:01     opt2: [lnkopt2] LCP: LayerStart
Apr 4 08:25:01     opt2: [lnkopt2] chat: Detected Hayes compatible modem.
Apr 4 08:25:01     opt2: [lnkopt2] chat: +CPIN=?
Apr 4 08:25:04     opt2: [lnkopt2] chat: The modem is not responding.
Apr 4 08:25:04     opt2: [lnkopt2] MODEM: chat script failed
Apr 4 08:25:04     opt2: [lnkopt2] Link: DOWN event
Apr 4 08:25:04     opt2: [lnkopt2] LCP: Close event
Apr 4 08:25:04     opt2: [lnkopt2] LCP: state change Starting --> Initial
Apr 4 08:25:04     opt2: [lnkopt2] LCP: LayerFinish
Apr 4 08:25:04     opt2: [lnkopt2] LCP: Down event
Actions #5

Updated by Chris Buechler over 11 years ago

that's a different issue, opened #472


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