Bug #5010

IPv4/IPv6 mask issues on firewall_aliases_edit.php

Added by Chris Buechler over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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sort of related to #4942 but this is a separate issue.

Easiest to explain with an example. Check your bootstrap test VM, edit the "MyNets" alias. Two issues there.

1) Note the IPv6 network is defined as a /32 subnet, but upon editing the alias it discards that and puts it to /128.
2) the auto-mask selection in #4942 isn't right when adding new entries. Hit Add while editing MyNets alias, and it'll be stuck on IPv6 mask selection. It never updates after typing in an IP, it always has that of the last entry in the list when you edited the alias. If an IPv4 network is the last in the list when you edit the alias, all masks will be stuck to 1-32. If last entry is IPv6, stuck to 1-128 on all additional entries.


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I believe this was fixed by #5102

Please confirm.

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yeah this is all good now, thanks!

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