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package.dtd XSD schema is a piece of pathetic, useless, unmaintained junk

Added by Kill Bill over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Most of the XSD schema consists of:

<!-- needs to be documented -->

Truly wonderful. Beyond that, it lists tons of elements there are completely no-op and have been in that state for ages, and is missing tons of tags that actually work... The whole XML thing works like a damn blackbox. The file is untouched since 2007. For 8 years, noone could be bothered to produce at least minimum single file documentation for the XML package format to aid people in maintaining packages.

Shame on you guys, really.

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Updated by Chris Buechler over 7 years ago

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Looking forward to your pull request.

I didn't even recall that file existed. Contemplated rm'ing it, but it would be nice to update and fix.

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Updated by Kill Bill over 7 years ago

Removing it? Sigh. And the replacement being?!?!? Grep the code? This bug ain't about well-formed XML validation. Guys - you realize that if you rely on volunteers to maintain stuff, they need something to start with? A working list of tags with brief comments on how's it supposed to be used surely would be a nice start, but not in this state, as described in the bug. Pull request - great. And after that? It's gonna become bitrot again, because you guys are not in a habbit of documenting things for developers at all? In fact, most of the development documentation got nuked instead of keeping it uptodate. Kinda see a pattern here. :(

People come and leave - be it volunteers or your staff. And when goes, the know-how is gone. Someone news comes and months are wasted investigating undocumented blackboxes, instead of productive work. Sigh again.

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Updated by Jim Thompson over 7 years ago

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