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Config Generation Mode

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I currently have a lot pfSense units to build for different clients and would like to be able to pre-generate the config for each one, so I can deploy them much quicker. I currently have a unit with all the packages and basic rules, aliases and so on set up, but I will still have to export the config, import it to the new device, get it online and then update each of the devices with the correct settings.

What I would like to be able to do is switch on a mode in the interface (which is clearly represented by a colour change of the submit/save buttons) so that I am editing a secondary config file (copy of the running one) and can set all the values like IP Addresses, firewall rules,... that don't work in the current network, while still having the validation methods working. Then I could export this file/upload it to the pfSense backup and deploy on-site in a matter of minutes.

The main case where this will be useful is if I have no current pfSense devices available, as I am maybe waiting for delivery and will want to deploy the units as quickly as possible when they arrive (shipped direct to customer).

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That's of such limited use vs. the work required that it's not worthwhile. Much easier to just stage in a staging VM, then restore to the target hardware if you don't already have the hardware.


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