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09:18 PM pfSense Bug #10553: Gateway Groups Tier 2 fail dropping states on Tier 1 connection
Hi Jim,
Is dpinger aware of the gateway groups tiers?
The states should only be dropped if the active tier is d...


10:54 PM pfSense Bug #10553 (Not a Bug): Gateway Groups Tier 2 fail dropping states on Tier 1 connection
State drops occurring incorrectly in certain fail-over conditions
Gateway Group with 2 gateways ...


10:32 PM pfSense Bug #7238 (New): Menu layout broken when using "Hostname in Menu" with long hostnames
It is good to have the hostname in the menu for quickly identifying the gateways, however almost all of our hostnames...


07:33 PM pfSense Feature #7182 (New): Break up System Widget on the Dashboard
The system widget is quite useful, however there is a lot of information in one place (and it is quite tall, so the s...
07:20 PM pfSense Feature #7181 (New): Add Top and Add Bottom on Seperator
Currently when separators are in use, to add a rule under the separator, you have to create the rule at the bottom of...


09:41 PM pfSense Bug #6582 (Resolved): Import on Firewall/Aliases Only Works for IPs
In the firewall alias section, the import button only enters values into IP aliases despite the import button being p...


09:30 PM pfSense Feature #5929 (Rejected): Choose a default interface assignment for the first boot or reset of a pfSense
We have some appliances that have at least 8 ports connected for each device (custom built due to interface ne...


07:40 PM pfSense Feature #5507 (Closed): Config Generation Mode
I currently have a lot pfSense units to build for different clients and would like to be able to pre-generate the con...


08:25 PM pfSense Bug #5481 (Duplicate): HTML Status Codes not Processed Properly from download_file
The download_file function returns status codes as true if 200, or the status code if another value. However, this is...

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