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OpenVPN Server Status does not show all client status

Added by Anthony Hernandez about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

OpenVPN Client Export
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I've got my server setup, I have a site to site configuration working. Everything is working fine, I can ping all devices on all connected networks, and those remote networks can ping back.

But when I check the Status page for the OpenVPN on the Server, it doesn't show the 200+ clients connected, I only see 10, maybe 50, maybe 150, maybe 2... and sometimes none.

It's very disturbing when I want to check the status of a client because I don't know if the interface has gone down, or something worse has happened. I've been resorting to checking the Client's status page to get all the information.

I'm using the netgate hardware with the latest os.

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Updated by Jim Pingle about 8 years ago

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pfSense outputs what it receives from OpenVPN using the management interface.

I suggest opening a forum thread for discussion before continuing here. In the forum thread, please also address these questions:

Is the status issue also present on pfSense 2.3?

Can you connect to the OpenVPN management interface directly and issue a status request to see the output and see if it compares to your expected output and what is shown in the GUI?

: nc -U /var/etc/openvpn/server1.sock
status 1
status 2
status 3

Use the appropriate socket for the server that has a status you believe to be incorrect.

If the status output form OpenVPN is identical to what is in the pfSense GUI, but neither are correct, then you should report the issue upstream to OpenVPN directly.

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Closing for lack of evidence and lack of feedback. Can be reopened if the situation changes.

Associated forum thread is here:


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