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Impossible to assign/enable new LAN interface if previously doesn't exist

Added by robi robi over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Prerequisite: a system with a single NIC, freshly installed with pfSense 2.3-Release.
Boot pfSense normally, assign the single available interface as DHCP WAN.
Access the web interface from another PC.
Go to Interfaces > Assign, add a new VLAN, assign a new interface to that VLAN. It's going to be named automatically "LAN".
Go to LAN interface, select "Enable interface", at IPv4 select "Static IPv4", at IPv6 select "None".
At IPv4 Address put something like /24, press Save.

Error occurs:

The following input errors were detected:

    The DHCP6 Server is active on this interface and it can be used only with a static IPv6 configuration. Please disable the DHCPv6 Server service on this interface first, then change the interface configuration.

Go to Services > DHCPv6 Server & RA, to chekc DHCPv6. Error displays:

The DHCPv6 Server can only be enabled on interfaces configured with a static IPv6 address. This system has none.

Go back to LAN interface - still not possible to enable it.

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Updated by Jim Thompson over 7 years ago

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Updated by Chris Buechler over 7 years ago

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I pushed a change to unset dhcpdv6 on LAN when LAN's removed as I knew where that was offhand. I'm not sure if that's enough to completely resolve the issue, haven't had time to review in detail.

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Updated by robi robi over 7 years ago

For the test scenario above, your change fixes the problem. I've tested in on a real box with 2.3-Release.


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Updated by Anonymous over 7 years ago

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Updated by Chris Buechler over 7 years ago

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pushed fix for same issue on interfaces_assign.php. That should cover it.

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Updated by Chris Buechler over 7 years ago

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