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Make breadcrumbs clickable

Added by Kill Bill over 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Dunno if it's just me, but the entire feature is very much pointless when it's unusable for navigation. Seems pretty standard across implementations that those are clickable links.


#1 Updated by Phillip Davis over 4 years ago

I wondered about that also, at the time of the bootstrap conversion, but there was enough going on that I never followed it up.
Here is a bit of demo code to start discussion:

#2 Updated by Phillip Davis over 4 years ago

Proposed solution is out for review/test

#3 Updated by Kill Bill over 4 years ago

Phil: That looks great, thanks! I guess the same can be used for packages (the PHP files I mean, not XML), right?

#4 Updated by Phillip Davis over 4 years ago

Yes, for packages with XML the pkg.php and pkg_edit.php try to put some reasonable breadcrumb links in (try the Notes package, which has XML that generates a base form (controlled by pkg.php) and has Edit Note (controlled by pkg_edit.php). The existing way pkg_edit.php generates the breadcrumb list is a bit odd - e.g. when editing a note the breadcrumb list is "Status:Notes / Edit / Notes" - the "Edit" ends up in the middle, and I gave that the "@self" link, and the others take you back to the main Notes page. The order of that breadcrumb list could be fixed better - but that was an existing "feature" that was out-of-scope for me to start messing with.

Packages that just have a simple "2-node" breadcrumb list ("Services / Cron") will get a self-reference link on that last entry (which effectively refreshes the page), and so need no changes.

Packages with >2-node breadcrumb lists in their PHP files will get a self-reference on the last element of each list. To make other links in the list, they need to be modified to define $pglinks appropriately.

#5 Updated by Kill Bill about 4 years ago


#6 Updated by Jim Pingle about 4 years ago

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