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Abandon rate in favor of iftop

Added by Marcel Hellwig about 3 years ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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Due to the lack of ipv6 functionality in rate and also it's development state (not developed since 2011, please correct me if I'm wrong) I would like to suggest to abandon rate and use iftop as a replacement.

The major changes has to be done in bandwidth_by_ip.php, mainly to write a new parser for the textual interface of iftop and to adapt the command line settings.

The big point would be IPv6 support in the traffic graph.
Please give me your feedback, what do you thing.

This ticket is related to #3334


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While it would be nice, the output from iftop is not printed in a way that would be easy to parse programmatically.

It did at least recently gain the ability to output in a text format, which wasn't possible before.

For example, this will wait 2 seconds and output the top 20 hosts:

iftop -i vmx0 -nNP -t -s 2 -L 20

It is also connection-oriented instead of host-oriented. So it is definitely useful, but not in the same way as rate is useful.

Though now that it can output text, a GUI page for it makes more sense as a separate package.

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There is a PR for this which is under #3334

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