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Static IPv6 using IPv4 PPPoE as parent interface

Added by Martin Wasley about 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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A strange requirement has come up. When selecting to use Static IPV6 it's not possible to specify using the PPPoE interface. There are manual methods of adding routes and adding addresses to interfaces and although this works, dpinger will not pick up the correct interface.

I have now got this working by adding an option in interfaces.php when selecting a static IPv6 to select to use the IPv4 connectivity link ( PPPoE ); an little code in then correctly sets the interface and dpinger then works fine; I just need to add a new function to update the gateway in case that changes and it's done and dusted.

Would this be a useful addition to 2.4 or is it a hold off until a later version or of no use to anyone else but users of my ISP?

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Updated by Greg M about 7 years ago

Pretty please :)
I have the same dpinger problem :)

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Updated by Martin Wasley about 7 years ago

I'll post here when I have patches to test. Next week sometime, I have to do some real work for a few days. :)

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Updated by Martin Wasley about 7 years ago

OK, here's a patch to try. The patch is against today's snapshot.

You'll have a new option when selecting a v6 static to use the v4 link, so set your static and set use the link. You'll need to create a gateway and for that you'll need to know what the link local address is of the gateway, you should see that in the Status/Interfaces info.

It's working for two of us who are using it so let me know how you get on.

Patch ID = b2396660d7dafa27ebbca165ff4079118f06d52c

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Updated by Martin Wasley about 7 years ago

Appears it will never work for Greg as his ISP requires he must send a dhcp6 request.

For those of us who can use static or dhcp6 via pppoe, this patch is working fine.

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Updated by Jim Pingle about 7 years ago

Is there a PR for that patch? I'm not seeing anything in the repo currently with that hash/id.

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Updated by Martin Wasley about 7 years ago

No it's a patch in my repo. I wanted it tested before sending it on to the main repo. If you think it will be a useful patch I'll send it on.

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Updated by Martin Wasley about 7 years ago

PR issued 3761

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Updated by Martin Wasley almost 7 years ago


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Updated by Jim Pingle almost 7 years ago

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