Bug #8043

Cannot enable IPsec Mobile Client Support when the interface is in french

Added by Manuel Carrera almost 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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I set the interface of my pfSense in french. And if I go in "VPN > IPsec > Mobile Clients", check "Enable IPsec Mobile Client Support", select "Base de données locale" ("Local database" in english) in "User Authentication" and try to save, nothing is saved.

If I check the system log it says:

Nov 1 22:37:27 php-fpm 712 /vpn_ipsec_mobile.php: Erreur XML : Undeclared entity error en ligne 804 dans /conf/config.xml
Nov 1 22:37:27 php-fpm 712 /vpn_ipsec_mobile.php: pfSense est en train de restaurer la configuration /cf/conf/backup/config-1509567397.xml
Nov 1 22:37:27 php-fpm 712 /vpn_ipsec_mobile.php: Nouvelle alerte trouvée: pfSense est en train de restaurer la configuration /cf/conf/backup/config-1509567397.xml

And if I compare "/conf/config.xml" with "/conf/config.xml.bad" the only noticeable change is this added part:

        <user_source>Base de donn&eacute;es locale</user_source>

I made another attempt this time with pfSense in english in the exact same way, except "User Authentication" is set to "Local database" instead, and the configuration was saved as expected.

Thank you for your help... And for this great software! :)

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Revision 46b9efdd (diff)
Added by Stephen Jones almost 3 years ago

Fixed #8043 It didn't like one of the french characters being saved in the config so it would rollback the config and not allow you to enable mobile clients. Added an html entities to replace it with safe characters. Also added some escapes when it tried to print certain words using a ['] and terminating a string in javascript for the ipsec_status page. This is a possibly a potential problem for multiple pages in French.


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On pfSense-CE-memstick-ADI-2.4.2-DEVELOPMENT-amd64-20171108-1340, set language to French, went to IPSec and checked the box to enable mobile client support, saved, applied, the setting remained enabled.

Looks like this has been fixed, can be set to Resolved.

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