Bug #8048

DHCPv6 Configured for LAN without LAN interface

Added by Clinton Cory over 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Installed the latest 2.4.2-DEV CE snapshot on a VM with a single NIC

At the end of the installer I selected the option to drop to a rescue shell and noticed config.xml had a LAN interface and DHCP configured for LAN, despite not having a LAN interface. WAN was properly set to em0.

Rebooted and a message appeared as pfSense was booting - "network interface mismatch"
A prompt to setup the interfaces, starting with VLANs came up.

I selected N for VLANs, em0 for WAN, and none for LAN

Shell menu shows a single WAN interface correctly. I then check /conf/config.xml and despite the <lan> interface not being defined in the file, DHCPv6 is still configured to run on <lan>. DHCP (v4) is not still configured to run on LAN:


I then powered off the VM, added three new network interfaces, and booted back up. I then went into the webGUI and added all three interfaces (Interfaces -> Assignments). The first interface I added defaulted to LAN and the others as OPT interfaces. I then select LAN - both IPv4 and IPv6 show as "none" by default. If I try to enable the interface with the defaults I get this error:

The following input errors were detected:
The DHCP6 Server is active on this interface and it can be used only with a static IPv6 configuration. Please disable the DHCPv6 Server service on this interface first, then change the interface configuration.

If I go to Services -> DHCPv6 I only see this error message:

The DHCPv6 Server can only be enabled on interfaces configured with a static IPv6 address. This system has none.

Also checked DHCPv6 Relay and it's not enabled

If I delete that LAN interface from Interfaces -> Assignment, dhcpdv6 changes in config.xml to this:


If I add the LAN interface back again I'm able to enable it without issue. I also tested this when adding a single interface rather than three.

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Revision e85efdca (diff)
Added by Stephen Jones over 1 year ago

Fixed #8048 now properly removes dhcpv6 for lan if lan is not configured


#1 Updated by James Dekker almost 2 years ago

Hit this on 2.4.3.a.20180308.1837. Workaround works.

#2 Updated by James Dekker almost 2 years ago

Still hitting this issue in 2.4.4.a.20180412.1121. Can't tell why the <dhcpdv6> section is being added to the configuration. What's more confusing is how the workaround corrects the issue and once the interface is deleted, the issue won't reappear with the original problem interface.

#3 Updated by James Dekker almost 2 years ago

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#4 Updated by Anonymous over 1 year ago

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#5 Updated by Anonymous over 1 year ago

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#6 Updated by James Dekker over 1 year ago

On 2.4.4.a.20180705.0739 the bad behavior is still present.

#7 Updated by Jim Pingle over 1 year ago

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#8 Updated by James Dekker over 1 year ago

Confirmed fixed on pfSense-CE-memstick-2.4.4-DEVELOPMENT-amd64-20180712-2121.img. Installed from that img, with only one NIC available to the VM, created a VLAN, went to assign it as an interface, enabled and configured an IPv4 address, hit save and apply without issue.

#9 Updated by Anonymous over 1 year ago

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