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09:23 PM pfSense Regression #14690 (Resolved): Creating or duplicating an IPsec P1 entry does not increment the IKE ID
pfSense 23.09-DEV build from today
VPN -> IPSec. I select the button to "copy phase 1 entry" for a P1 I created. The...
Clinton Cory


08:53 AM pfSense Bug #13529: Intel i226 network interfaces do not honor a manually selected link speed
Testing on newest i226 firmware, the link speed appears to report properly now. Clinton Cory


06:04 PM pfSense Plus Bug #11466: PHP exits with signal 11 on SG-3100 when calling PCRE functions
I can confirm that applying the PCRE_JIT patch fixed this problem for me on 21.05. Clinton Cory


03:10 PM pfSense Bug #8051: XG-2758 - Wrong Interface Assignment
Verified this is still different on 2.4.4-p3 CE Clinton Cory


11:37 AM pfSense Bug #9533 (Resolved): XG-7100 FAT config restore not working post-install
With the recent pfSense releases, it's possible to restore a configuration by copying the config.xml to a FAT partiti... Clinton Cory


07:55 PM pfSense Revision 87642f6b: #9096 - updated login title
(cherry picked from commit 814a7c2f1d828fedef13bb2bf326d8014e9e25bf) Clinton Cory


04:50 PM pfSense Bug #9441 (Rejected): Setting Crypto HW breaks IPSec CBC
On the latest 2.5 snapshot from today (Mar 29th), I found IPSec CBC does not properly work if the "Cryptographic Hard... Clinton Cory


07:29 PM pfSense Revision 814a7c2f: #9096 - updated login title
Clinton Cory
01:30 PM pfSense Feature #9096 (In Progress): Login Page: Make pfSense Login Page Tab Name More Unique
Clinton Cory
12:51 PM pfSense Packages Bug #9181 (Resolved): Spelling error in gwled package (0.2.4_1)
Corrected the typo:
Commit fd1d1c086c844c32835d26b35cb1a7c1c88927ca
pfSense-pkg-gwled 0.2.4_2
Clinton Cory

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