Bug #8629

Routed IPsec P1 - not coming up after pressing "disconnect" button

Added by Vladimir Lind 12 months ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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A simple routed IPsec setup with one single /32 route across VTI interface. It works - P1 is UP, P2 routes listed, connectivity between remote hosts confirmed with icmp test.
But when forcing P1 disconnect with "disconnect" button under Status -> IPsec, P1 never comes back up until I reload IPsec daemon on one of the endpoints. When I try to force tunnel to come up by pressing "connect" button or initiating interesting for ipsec traffic I see this in log on either site:

Jul 10 06:18:00 charon 12[CFG] no IKE_SA named 'con1' found
Jul 10 06:18:01 charon 07[CFG] vici client 31 connected
Jul 10 06:18:01 charon 13[CFG] vici client 31 registered for: list-sa
Jul 10 06:18:01 charon 13[CFG] vici client 31 requests: list-sas
Jul 10 06:18:01 charon 10[CFG] vici client 31 disconnected
Jul 10 06:18:01 charon 07[CFG] received stroke: initiate 'con1'
Jul 10 06:18:01 charon 07[CFG] no config named 'con1'

2.4.4 factory - Mon Jul 09 16:05:36 EDT 2018 - both machines.

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Revision 62caa87a (diff)
Added by Jim Pingle 11 months ago

status_ipsec.php, correct conX refs. Fixes #8629


#1 Updated by Jim Pingle 12 months ago

The connect/disconnect issue likely doesn't have anything to do with VTI, but the conn numbering changes. sjones was already investigating a fix for that with #8598 so this may be resolved when that is complete. If not, it can be revisited.

#2 Updated by Anonymous 12 months ago

I just pushed a fix for #8598 which may help with this (Fixing disconnect and show child buttons) It was mostly for mobile clients. I did not change the 'connect' button details. So if that still persists I can help fix that I'll just need a few more details.

#3 Updated by Jim Pingle 11 months ago

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#4 Updated by Vladimir Lind 11 months ago

Looks good now!

#5 Updated by Jim Pingle 11 months ago

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