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Change default CA/Cert action to "Create an internal..."

Added by Jim Pingle 9 months ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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When the certificate manager was first created, the most common user action was to import and not create. We are long past the days when that was true. Users going to the CA/Cert manager most likely want to create internal entries and not import. It's time to change the default action when a new instance is created.

The user can still import with one extra click to change the Method to "Import an existing ...".

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Revision b0a5c280 (diff)
Added by Jim Pingle 9 months ago

Set default new CA/Cert action to Create Internal. Implements #8851


#1 Updated by Jim Pingle 9 months ago

  • Status changed from In Progress to Feedback
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#2 Updated by James Dekker 9 months ago

On 2.4.4.a.20180829.1429 (gitsync'd to master), looks good. Create CA/Cert is the default behavior now.

#3 Updated by Chris Macmahon 9 months ago

On factory 2.4.4.a.20180830.0038, SG-3100

Click System -> Cert. Manager, CAs

Default selection is 'Create an internal Certificate Autority'

Click System -> Cert. Manager, Certificates

Default selection is Create an internal Certificate.

#4 Updated by Jim Pingle 9 months ago

  • Subject changed from Change default CA/Cert action to "Create and internal..." to Change default CA/Cert action to "Create an internal..."
  • Status changed from Feedback to Resolved

#5 Updated by Luke Hamburg 8 months ago

on RC 2.4.4.r.20180917.0837 - there was a glitch with this. I created PR#3982 to fix:

#6 Updated by Jim Pingle 8 months ago

Thanks, looks good to me, PR merged.

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