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10:53 AM pfSense Bug #9295: IPv6 PD does not work with PPPOE (Server & Client)
@Flole have you tested this on any recent builds? There've been a lot of upstream fixes so, would be worth a try. I d... → luckman212
10:49 AM pfSense Bug #9123: Adding/configuring vlan on ixl-devices causes aq_add_macvlan err -53, aq_error 14
I was just looking at Open issues marked "very high" and this still comes up -- should it be closed? → luckman212
10:47 AM pfSense Packages Bug #13115: WireGuard panic due to KBI changes in ```udp_tun_func_t()```
@cmcdonald looks like John/Trond worked up a patch and it's been committed, see → luckman212
01:48 AM pfSense Feature #13165 (Pull Request Review): Feat: live update for Services dashboard widget
I noticed that the Services dashboard widget did not live-update as services are modified. If a service dies or is st... → luckman212


11:11 PM pfSense Bug #13164: Info icon on ``firewall_nat_out.php`` is incorrectly placed in manual outbound NAT mode
PR: → luckman212
10:06 PM pfSense Bug #13164 (Resolved): Info icon on ``firewall_nat_out.php`` is incorrectly placed in manual outbound NAT mode
@firewall_nat_out.php@ has a bug where the infoblock (i) is displayed wayyy off to the left of the main table when in... → luckman212
11:08 PM pfSense Revision b6669022: fix infoblock placement on firewall_nat_out.php - redmine #13164
→ luckman212
10:24 AM pfSense Packages Feature #13160: Option to sort monitoring graph views
updated PR:
I reworked this so everything is self-contained in ...
→ luckman212
12:06 AM pfSense Packages Feature #13160 (Pull Request Review): Option to sort monitoring graph views
By default, RRD (Status -> Monitoring) tabs are just displayed in order of creation. This can get a bit messy. This s... → luckman212
08:11 AM pfSense Todo #13159: Decrease distance between img-buttons in webGUI to eliminate mistake entry
I've gotten used to the pinch and zoom when doing stuff on mobile. Yes the buttons are small, but I agree with Jim - ... → luckman212

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