Luke Hamburg




11:30 AM pfSense Bug #8555: Selectively killing states on WAN failure
Well it still could be worth submitting the PR to get some other eyes on it.
Also, having it up on Github would ma...
01:01 AM pfSense Bug #8554: /etc/rc.kill_states code not correctly parsing pfctl output
Did you ever submit a PR for this?
10:44 PM pfSense Bug #8555: Selectively killing states on WAN failure
Steven, pretty impressive work you've done there. How have these patches been working for you? Have you gotten any ot...


07:18 AM pfSense Packages Feature #7179: Package Filer into 2.3
Where is the Filer package?
"PR #277": says "Merged" but I don't se...


04:20 PM pfSense Bug #8964: IPsec async cryptography advanced setting - TCP traffic not passing through
Whoa, SG-1100 is out? Where do I get one?


08:08 AM pfSense Revision 1be9e2a0: gettext on strings
(cherry picked from commit 988b786d0bc8753a7427aaa693effd6018658770)
08:08 AM pfSense Revision 04a9cd68: don't show drag message if roworderdragging is disabled
(cherry picked from commit fd4dc22e73a43c644e8972923c98abb86a27889c)


09:16 AM pfSense Revision 988b786d: gettext on strings
06:56 AM pfSense Revision fa4734fc: default to the lan interface on WOL page, unless another if is
submitted in the form data.
(cherry picked from commit c818076d474c45d5da283d20baab6f8a0d67a540)
06:50 AM pfSense Revision 46eb8b63: garga changes
move conditional before platform_booting
and join w && instead of indenting
(cherry picked from commit b974f79a368b2...

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