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Additions to wake on lan section

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1) In the WOL section I have about 200 lines. In order to add another entry (PC) you need to scroll down the entire list. Whether it is possible to transfer the button with addition of the PC from bottom to top of the page or to make a duplicate of this button at the top.
2) Each time you click on the MAC or the power button, the page scrolls up, which is very inconvenient if you need to turn on 10, 20 or 30+ PCs. Similarly, if you click on the MAK or the enable button with the middle mouse button to open a new page, the data is not sent by post-request to the MAC address form. It is possible to fix it?
3) Было бы очень удобно разделить компьютеры на группы в этом меню для того чтобы потом включать одним нажатием компьютеры группы.


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*3) it would be very convenient to divide the computers into groups in this menu in order to switch on the computers of the group with one click.

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Top buttons are added if the table is > 24 rows
Items 2) and 3) may be addressed in a later release.

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Tested on 2.4.5.a.20181006.1421: after adding 25 device in the list, additional "Add" and "Wake All Devices" buttons appear on the top of the "Wake-on-LAN" page


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