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05:07 AM pfSense Bug #9296: Rule / Alias FQDN-Resolution broken
I see this behavior on 2.4.4_p2, on 2.4.5-dev and on 2.5.0-dev.
As workaround we can:
- in console run 'pkill filte...


10:46 AM pfSense Bug #8970 (Assigned): Queues Menu item ends with ":"
I tested on 2.4.5.a.20181006.1421 and I still see ":" for Status/Queue menu in German translation (see in attach scre...
10:14 AM pfSense Feature #8943 (Resolved): Additions to wake on lan section
Tested on 2.4.5.a.20181006.1421: after adding 25 device in the list, additional "Add" and "Wake All Devices" buttons ...


08:06 AM pfSense Bug #8527: VLANs losing parent interface on LAGG change
I still saw this issue on 2.4.4.r.20180905.2249


08:08 AM pfSense Feature #8644 (Resolved): IPsec mobile clients DNS enhancement
I check this Bug on old 2.4.4.a.20180801.0114: DNS from /VPN/IPsec/Mobile Clients menu was set up into '/var/etc/ipse...


06:23 AM pfSense Packages Bug #8790 (Assigned): getting PHP error regarding HAproxy pkg
On 2.4.4.a.20180801.0114 when I installed HAproxy I caught the same crash report.
But on 2.4.4.a.20180826.1232 whe...
05:23 AM pfSense Bug #8767: ID handling problem with DNS Forwarder host override management
I tried to reproduce this issue on 2.4.2:
- I added more then 120 DNS Forwarder host overrides
- I didn't see issue...


10:10 AM pfSense Bug #8813 (Resolved): User login through proxy only logs proxy IP address, not X-Forwarded-For
On current 2.4.4-DEV (20180825) I'm able to see "X-Forwarded-For" option when remote client behind proxy connects to ...
05:09 AM pfSense Bug #8822 (Resolved): HTTP_REFERER check fails after changing interface IP address
I checked on 2.4.3_p1 - I saw HTTP_REFERER check fails after changing interface IP address
Then I checked it on 2.4....


10:24 AM pfSense Bug #8814 (Rejected): After changing WAN CARP VIP Outbound NAT rules don't import new value but stay with old one and need to be changed manually
I created HA cluster on 2.4.3_p1 and after changing WAN CARP VIP Outbound NAT rules don't import new value. So I lost...

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