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zfs GUI functionality - alerts

Added by gavin penney about 2 years ago. Updated 26 days ago.

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some way of seeing the status in GUI, and most importantly, alerts for degraded
it looks like the dashboard already detects and displays zfs filesystem usage. a line that just shows "online" or "degraded" would be awesome. essentially: zpool status -x )

i'm using mailreport + zpoolstatus -v to send myself an email and then my damn mailbox filters to archive the ones with no error. this is horrid, and mailreport can only do daily, not when a failure occurs.
geom detects errors but geom remirrors my disks constantly, generating hundreds of alerts in the process

as nice as it would be to have attach/detach/scrub, snapshots and boot environments in the GUI, status/alerts are far more important

if i had the vaguest clue how to actually do so, I'd happily try making a package to add a page like for geom, but i dont even know where to start

I have email alerts set up, but I can't figure out a way to actually use the thing to send outputs from custom scripts, which is crippling to trying to make a cron to do monitoring


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#2 Updated by gavin penney 26 days ago

well, no GUI for it as of yet, but this script can be cron'd for better results reports emails, if anyone is ever looking for better zfs alerting

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