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08:29 AM pfSense Packages Bug #11214 (Resolved): mail reports typo "Define reports to by sent periodically via email. "
Email Reports
Define reports to by sent periodically via email.
should be
Define re...
gavin penney


03:02 PM pfSense Feature #10238: Periodic Scrub of ZFS filesystem
similar to:
a script for monitoring zfs with scrub capabilit...
gavin penney
02:50 PM pfSense Feature #9226: zfs GUI functionality - alerts
well, no GUI for it as of yet, but this script can be cron'd for better results reports emails, if anyone is ever loo... gavin penney


03:28 AM pfSense Feature #9226 (New): zfs GUI functionality - alerts
*some* way of seeing the status in GUI, and most importantly, *alerts* for degraded
it looks like the dashboard alre...
gavin penney


02:25 PM pfSense Bug #7849: 2.4.0.b.20170804.1634 doesnt upgrade
ok, found and tried this :
pkg update -f
gavin penney
06:49 AM pfSense Bug #7849 (Not a Bug): 2.4.0.b.20170804.1634 doesnt upgrade
upgrade doesnt work, says everything is successful, reboots...and is the same version as before it "upgraded"
I ha...
gavin penney


04:56 AM pfSense Feature #7812: ZFS handling of autopreplace
ideally, there ought to be a page for managing zfs, like there is for geom mirrors(albiet pretty limited), or at leas... gavin penney

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