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Support dynamic prefix in DHCPv6 Server

Added by Jozsef Krizsik about 5 years ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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Most of the ISPs using dynamic IPv6 PD. Pfsense receive the prefix and can allocate a /64 prefix on LAN interfaces (Track Interface mode). Create a Tranking Interface like option in the DHCPv6 prefix delegation. Now Pfsense has some strong limitation if the IPv6 is dynamic.

Example: Pfsense receive /56 from ISP. This means 256pcs /64 prefix. Now prefix 0,1 can be used in LAN1 and LAN2. The unused prefixes (2-256) should be used by DHCPv6 PD Server to send prefixes to other routers.

Actions #1

Updated by Steve Wheeler almost 4 years ago

This would be a very useful feature.

The prefix delegations handed out by the DHCPv6 Server are currently static only. If the prefix they are delegating out of is dynamic that means a manual update everytime it changes.

Allow the prefix delegation range to track another interface.

Actions #2

Updated by Heiko Mischer almost 4 years ago

This seems to be at least related to issue 6626 ->

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Updated by Manuel Wagner about 2 years ago

This ticket is already open for years now.

Any chance to get dynamic prefix delegation to downstream router work ?

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Updated by Joshua Cooper 4 months ago

Is this also similar to 5950? Are there any plans or updates on this?

Part of the issue now, I'm guessing, is that the Kea back end for pfSense doesn't even support DHCPv6-PD at all, let alone static. Anyone using pfSense as an intermediate PD server is stuck with ISC at the moment. I can't imagine they'd be developing new features on a deprecated back end.

That being said, static configuration is extremely tedious for intermediate PD servers, ones which are both DHCPv6-PD clients and servers, especially on networks that have frequent prefix changes upstream. As it stands, I think it's safe to say that pfSense's usefulness as a DHCPv6-PD server is severely diminished by static-only prefix delegation ranges.


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