Bug #9747

IPsec widget - Missing escape of domain backslash

Added by Sebastian Fiebig 9 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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The IPSec widget does not work as soon as one user, e.g., from a windows domain with a username like "domain\user" has logged in via IPSec. In this case the widget information just never renders the information on all three tabs, because an exception is thrown in JS. The problem is the non valid usage of a backslash in the username respectively the missing escaping.

The problem is introduced in and leads to an error with JSON.parse(s) here

I'm going to create a small pull request, that just fixes the backslash escaping at server side. I'm not a PHP expert, so there may be a better solution.


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PR has been merged. Thanks

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No feedback from OP but the widget is working fine in general, so likely fixed.

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