Bug #4378

Updated by Chris Buechler over 8 years ago

Where you i have dial a 2.2 box, fresh install with single nic and 4 vlans created. 1 LAN and 3 WAN (all pppoe). 

 now when i want to modify certain details of a single pppoe connection, i goto interfaces menu and the wan connection, i edit like mtu, hit save and apply and few moments later the link between the entry on demand enabled on PPPoE, ppp tab and that wan connection breaks so i have multiple PPPoE connections, saving on interfaces.php to goto interfaces->assign>ppp tab and edit the pppoe connection and reassign the vlan interface after making a config change results which it works fine. 

 in summary, on editing wan details, it shifting looses the port assignment to the next PPPoE entry's port value. interface settings