Bug #5882

Updated by Jim Pingle over 8 years ago

The tests at source:src/usr/local/www/xmlrpc.php#L214 source:src/usr/local/www/xmlrc.php#L214 are making faulty assumptions. The test assumes that only one or the other of the DNS Resolver or Forwarder can be enabled, and that they are on the same port. 

 In reality, the two do not conflict when run on separate ports and they can both be enabled simultaneously. A conflict only exists if both are enabled and attempting to run on the same port. 

 The current tests must be split into separate test blocks for unbound and dnsmasq (independent from one another) and the tests to determine if the other service should be disabled must be changed to account for comparing the port numbers to determine if there is a true conflict. 

 The end result with the current code is that only one service can be run on the secondary with XMLRPC config sync enabled, the other will be incorrectly disabled.