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02:59 AM pfSense Bug #12136 (Rejected): Road warrior VPN not working in 2.5.2-release
Hello to all,
after installing version 2.5.2-release the Road Warrior VPN stopped to work (on version 2.5.1-releas...
Michele Di Maria


07:39 AM pfSense Feature #8346 (New): Allow pfSense to act as an IPsec VPN client
It would be useful to let pfSense act as a VPN client itself and let it share a mobile style VPN connection to a remo... Michele Di Maria


01:41 AM pfSense Bug #6406: Web process becomes unresponsive producing 502 Bad Gateway nginx
Well, to me it started to happen when I readded the "Traffic Graphs" widget. It never happened before without that. Michele Di Maria


05:45 PM pfSense Bug #6233: Bootloop with Alix after 2.3 upgrade
Same on version 2.3.1 unfortunately. :( Michele Di Maria


10:00 AM pfSense Bug #6233: Bootloop with Alix after 2.3 upgrade
> Do you have any hardware other than the board itself connected? mini-PCI cards, USB devices.
Well, the only hard...
Michele Di Maria


03:21 AM pfSense Bug #6233: Bootloop with Alix after 2.3 upgrade
Chris Buechler wrote:
> Is it always after "Generating RRD graphs"?
Yes, always there
> If you haven't tried th...
Michele Di Maria
03:00 AM pfSense Bug #6233 (Closed): Bootloop with Alix after 2.3 upgrade
After upgrading from 2.2.6 to 2.3Release on my Alix, on the next boot I see from the console:
Michele Di Maria
03:06 AM pfSense Bug #6234 (Duplicate): Console serial speed not respected after 2.3 upgrade
after the 2.3Release upgrade, at the reboot, the console of my Alix works at 115200bps, even if in the ser...
Michele Di Maria


07:55 AM pfSense Bug #4930 (Closed): IPSec interface missing in SNMP
after upgrading to version 2.2.4-RELEASE (i386) there is no way to monitor the IPSec traffic using SNMP. ...
Michele Di Maria


12:27 AM pfSense Bug #2997: CARP and pfSync traffic issues with traffic shaping
this should be already foreseen (,45045.msg344264.html#msg344264), ju...
Michele Di Maria

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