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07:39 AM pfSense Feature #8346 (New): Let pFSense act as an IPSec XAuth VPN Client
Since it seems impossible for two PC in the LAN network to connect as Road Warriors to a remote VPN IPSec server, it ...


01:41 AM pfSense Bug #6406: Web process becomes unresponsive producing 502 Bad Gateway nginx
Well, to me it started to happen when I readded the "Traffic Graphs" widget. It never happened before without that.


05:45 PM pfSense Bug #6233: Bootloop with Alix after 2.3 upgrade
Same on version 2.3.1 unfortunately. :(


10:00 AM pfSense Bug #6233: Bootloop with Alix after 2.3 upgrade
> Do you have any hardware other than the board itself connected? mini-PCI cards, USB devices.
Well, the only hard...


03:21 AM pfSense Bug #6233: Bootloop with Alix after 2.3 upgrade
Chris Buechler wrote:
> Is it always after "Generating RRD graphs"?
Yes, always there
> If you haven't tried th...
03:06 AM pfSense Bug #6234 (Duplicate): Console serial speed not respected after 2.3 upgrade
after the 2.3Release upgrade, at the reboot, the console of my Alix works at 115200bps, even if in the ser...
03:00 AM pfSense Bug #6233 (Closed): Bootloop with Alix after 2.3 upgrade
After upgrading from 2.2.6 to 2.3Release on my Alix, on the next boot I see from the console:


07:55 AM pfSense Bug #4930 (Closed): IPSec interface missing in SNMP
after upgrading to version 2.2.4-RELEASE (i386) there is no way to monitor the IPSec traffic using SNMP. ...


12:27 AM pfSense Bug #2997: CARP and pfSync traffic issues with traffic shaping
this should be already foreseen (,45045.msg344264.html#msg344264), ju...


03:18 PM pfSense Revision e59bd273: Status-Queues: Get the stats gauge for PPS or bandwidth Edit
Let the user select the values to show in the stats gauge between PPS and bandwidth.

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