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Gateway Monitoring Via Custom Script or Telnet.

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Gateway monitoring
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It would be very helpful to have the ability to monitor gateways via a custom script or telnet. ISPs are beginning to implement soft disconnects more and more aggressively (we had one implemented the day after the bill was due, on a holiday). We have seen AT&T Uverse, Optimum/Cablevision and Verizon Fios implement these soft disconnects. The disconnect is often a redirect or pop up that prevents browsing, its implemented via DNS poisoning or HTTP redirects, but other traffic is left untouched. ICMP still works as expected and so a gateway failover does not occur, even though the gateway is unusable for browsing traffic. I'd like to be able monitor the status of a gateway by actually attempting to browse with it. This could be done via netcat/telnet, wget curl or a custom script; we expect to see the word "google" when connecting to on port 80.


#1 Updated by Bipin Chandra 4 months ago

many ISPs in India also do a similar thing and etisalat in UAE do a similar thing, if the bill isnt paid by the 15th of the month then all of a sudden u open any web page and u keep getting their annoying ad asking to pay bill and it also says to restart router to be able to surf, problem is they still show this page even if bill is paid. ICMP works but browsing goes down till connection is disconnected and then reconnected

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