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06:38 AM pfSense Packages Feature #8547 (New): fwknop Port Knocking Package
"fwknop": is a quite well established "next generation" advance on simple port knocki...


12:29 PM pfSense Bug #8473 (Closed): Not a bug: a feature patch that's been part implemented.
In the last couple of weeks there's been news on DNS privacy. I was JUST about to submit a PR for a bunch of Unbound ...


05:50 AM pfSense Revision deb575ab: Add isset, other vars seem to use it
Doesn't seem to have a point though :)
05:48 AM pfSense Revision d30fa363: typo
05:46 AM pfSense Revision d2ec5844: Unbound: Disable IPv6 outgoing queries if IPv6 blocked in firewall, as they can never go anywhere
If IPv6 is disallowed in system->advanced->network, then any IPv6 lookups by Unbound will always be blocked, so there...
05:11 AM pfSense Revision 7596c4c8: correct %d -> %s
As previous code used a string. Probably makes no difference and a number is simpler but doesn't matter
05:08 AM pfSense Revision 300010be: Clarify the unexplained numbers in "log verbosity"
At the moment verbosity is a bare list of digits, 0 to 5. No explanation, nothing else. This PR replaces the visible ...


06:58 AM pfSense Feature #7957 (New): GUI theme - separate "colour" from "compact/normal" in theme dropdown
At the moment one can choose themes such as normal, dark, and compact-RED.
There is also a colour selector with a wi...
06:36 AM pfSense Feature #7956: Favicon able to match GUI colour setting?
Sample favicons attached
06:19 AM pfSense Feature #7956 (New): Favicon able to match GUI colour setting?
I'm finding that with multiple pfSense routers in use, choosing the right tab in the browser would be a lot easier if...

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